Agile Research & Technology
Strengthens the Nation's homeland security and defense capabilities through innovative development and delivery of analytical, educational, technological and research-based solutions. We provide effective and efficient delivery of training and education through traditional and technology-enhanced methods customized to our client's specific requirements.
  • Conducting research in homeland security and defense policy, strategy and organizational development
  • Developing reliable & intuitive web-based collaborative environments with proven success for "Communities of Practice" & "Communities of Learning"
  • Providing subject matter expertise through our broad network of consultants in the national security domain
  • Assisting clients in understanding their educational requirements and developing targeted solutions to meet their needs
  • Developing custom learning content in multiple forms of delivery: utilizing multimedia, audio, and video

Agile is a knowledge development and delivery enterprise with specialized expertise in hybrid education solutions and homeland security and defense subject matter. Agile's unique capabilities are drawn from their personnel's vast experience and proven track record of success. Our staff recognizes that the answers to the educational challenges our clients face in the information age need to be innovative, adaptable and sustainable.

Agile believes in non-proprietary technologies. We leverage open source software applications and standards where we can, to improve our customer's flexibility and the scalability of the solutions we provide. There are no licensing fees or expensive dead ends when you choose Agile. Systems we develop are designed with a modular framework customized to each customer's unique requirements.

Agile breaks the traditional lengthy, and often convoluted, frameworks for delivering research-based solutions. Agile is designed for, capable of, and committed to an efficient response to our clients' needs. Extended responses built around the provider - rather than the client's time frames - are not allowed in our business model. Your project needs will be met in an efficient and timely matter ... period.

Agile Research & Technology’s unique name reflects our commitment to providing timely, research based solutions to national and homeland security related challenges through proven educational methodologies supported by fundamental principles in educational psychology and learning theory. Agile has a strong commitment to ongoing knowledge dissemination in a variety of learning management frameworks.